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Work smart, not hard.
 Work smart, with proper form.  Don’t flail and sacrifice your form to work “harder” on more weight.

Train muscle, not ego.

(Source: toned-andfit)

Don’t let your body get used to your workouts! Challenge yourself!

Push yourself to the limit, but know where your limit is.

There’s nothing more dangerous than going past the point of over-exertion and over-exhaustion. Think about it. You’re body is telling you when enough is enough. If you continue to push it when it’s had enough, you may be putting it danger of serious injury. If you get that injury, it becomes a major setback to achieving your goals. No workout = no progress. Continue to persevere, but don’t injure yourself in a rush to reach your goal.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it,  Inspirational transformation.

No matter how many times he failed and fell, he got back up.

That is determination.  If you can’t get motivated by this, I don’t think anything else will.

Believe in yourself, just as how this man believed in himself.